About the Mountainbike-Museum

How did it all start? By Jeroen van Roekel.

In the early nineties I started riding mountainbikes. And after I bought my second mountainbike I did not want to sell my first one (a Panasonic MC3500). This was the start of my collection. After a while I started buying and restoring old rental mountainbikes from a local bikeshop. Only to save them from being sold as scrap metal.

In the following years lots of rare and expensive bikes and parts became available secondhand and cheap. So I started buying old bikes, frames and parts. This was the beginning of my collection.

Also, lots of bikers knew I was collecting bikes and dropped them off together with parts. At a certain moment it kinda went overboard and I could not store all the stuff I had collected. So for several years I was looking for a suitable space to store and maybe show my collection. By a stroke of luck this old schoolbuilding, where the museum is situated, became available. It took the better part of a year to transform this old building into a museum. Small steps led to the opening of the museum in the summer of 2015. Now the Museum is also a Trailcenter where you can start, pistop or finish your ride, enjoy a soda, bear. We have all the facilities for bikers that you need. We are certain that you will enjoy your visit! See you when you get there 😊

Welcome to the online Mountainbike Museum!

This is a museum build by and for collectors of mountainbikes and mountainbike memorabilia. With a beautiful online collection, everyone who has an MTB retro heart can share his or her passion. And when we say everyone, we mean everyone. All collections, big or small, deserve a place to be seen. Building an online collection gives people the chance to share stories about their favourite bikes and parts. Our enthusiastic team of moderators will supervise the site.

What is the purpose of this site?

With the Online Mountainbike Museum we want to build a community of enthusiasts surrounding the Retro MTB world. You can make use of the following options:


One of the things that Jeroen van Roekel finds most important, is that anyone can enjoy the real Mountainbike Museum for free. We want to include that in our Online Mountainbike Museum. That’s why you can build your own online collection for free! You also can use the forum free of charge. That way we get a chance to build a big community.


For expanded use of the site and because of the upkeep of the community, there’s the possibility to get yourself a subscription. With the subscription you are a member of this community. You can see the forum history, You can sell and buy parts online, and you get a goodie envelope with some nice surprises from your favourite museum! Every year there will be a Member-Event and you can meet fellow enthusiasts and friends.

Subscription: €20,- a year (get your subscription here)

We hope to see you online soon!